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Thursday, April 17, 2008

And He's Off!

Okay, so this entry is more on a personal note. A couple of weeks ago my now 6 month old took his first little crawls. I have to say that I was, and am, so proud! And scared. He is into everything! I can't believe how fast he is sometimes. The best things to crawl to- the dog toys and bones, which Lewa our dog is so nice to place right in front of him (like he is going to throw it for her or something). He hasn't quite figured out that those are not his chew toys. Yikes. I am having a little problem with his new freedom due to the fact that I am a slight (okay so some people would use a different word than slight to describe it) germaphobe and can't really handle watching him crawl over and lick the floor or try to shove the dog toy in his mouth. They sure keep you busy!!


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