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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Loving Damask Wall Decals!

Have I ever mentioned how much I love Damask?  Well, I do. A lot. This new design is one of my favorites right now.  It is so much fun.  It gives the look of damask wall paper, but is super easy to apply because, well it is a wall decal.  Even better than damask wall paper, there is no mess, no glue, no huge commitment, and a great price. The 2 foot wide strip shows through the wall color where the damask is cut out.  The look is stunning (especially in silver vinyl, my personal favorite for this design), and is a great conversation starter.  Can be customized to the height that you need.  So much fun!

Also available, the damask pattern on it's own, so it can be placed where you like! Spread it out over a wall in any pattern that you like. Damask Vinyl Wall Decal:

Or spice up your laptop with a little damask action.  Damask laptop decal. Funky, fresh, unique and removable. Perfect.


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